Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Desired Affliction 2 by C.A. Harms

Review by Lil' Max

This is the second book in the series Let me refresh your memory on what happened in book 1.
Lexi is on her way off to college with her BFF Megan, and was just going through the motions in life not really giving a fuck about anything especially her own self-worth.  She felt shitty and unwanted, her answer: drink until she was numb and end up doing the walk of shame in the morning.  She thought that maybe after starting college she would stop doing this self deprecating song and dance and be able to get back to "normal" whatever the Fuck that is and then... she falls into his path, Kole. Kole is a boy she had a crush on when she was only twelve.  And shit, he brings back so many memories, the damn Good and Bad.  Lexi is now in an internal struggle with her brain and her hormones on whether or not she should even approach or speak to Kole.

Ahhhhh, and like the good little natural things they are, her hormones end up winning, but her insecurities and past trauma make it difficult to do much of anything, but fuck it up.

Kole doesn't do anything remotely close to a relationship.  Just Sex. That is all girls are for. He had his heart broke and fuck if he's ever going to go through that shit again.  So, he keeps it simple and thinks with his little head so he can protect his big heart! However, all his simple flies out the window when he happens to see Lexi again and remember how this cute little girl was with her damned big eyes and how hard she crushed on him years ago.  And fuck him, because now she's all grown up and damn it all to hell if she isn't fine as Fuck!  Oh hell yeah, of course he wants to tap that! But Kole has no idea how broken Lexi is.  And when he finds out what happened to her all he wants to do is keep her safe, then somehow he falls for her. 
The question is how can they even try to have a NOW relationship if they can't get past their PAST relationships. The only solid thing they have going for them is the chemistry and fierce  physical attraction along with their desire to be in a "normal" relationship. It's the "how the hell is this gonna work factor" that has everything fucked up.  

And the saga continues in book 2.....

Lexi, is dealing with her ghosts of the past and Kole has by every standard of society become Pussy whipped! As these two try their damnedest to make it work,  they experience every Fuckin speed bump and road block along the way.  C.A. Harms gurl you freaking got me with this one! I laughed, I cried and I bit my nails to the quick in anticipation of what to expect next.
Not to mention several panty changes from the Hot, Sweaty, Nasty, Monkey sex they had over and over and...OH MY GAWD did I mention Kole's tongue ring? Whew *dabs sweat from brow* that damn thing makes me crazy!!!  Sorry, umm......... what was I saying OH YA so anyways,  these two have to find the strength to overcome the all the bullshit that results from their insecurities and they do make some strides but shit...  I swear Kole and Lexi take two steps forward and then BAM reality sets in again and they fall steps back.  Will they ever get their HEA? Ummmmm, CAN I SAY THAT I LOVE that there is no cliffy! So go GRAB your copy today to find out!

This definitely gets my stamp of approval with 5 BadAssDirtyWillTheyMakeItStars!

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