Friday, December 20, 2013

Quintessentially Q by Pepper Winters

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Reviewed by Lil' Max

The sequel to Tears of Tess 
Quintessentially Q (Monsters in the Dark 2)

“All my life, I battled with the knowledge I was twisted… fucked up to want something so deliciously dark—wrong on so many levels. But then slave fifty-eight entered my world. Hissing, fighting, with a core of iron, she showed me an existence where two wrongs make a right."

Tess is Q’s completely. Q is Tess’s irrevocably. But now, they must learn the boundaries of their unconventional relationship, while Tess seeks vengeance on the men who sold her. Q made a blood-oath to deliver their corpses at Tess’s feet, and that’s just what he’ll do.

He may be a monster, but he’s Tess’s monster.

Coming 15th December 2013
  If you didn't already know this is the 2nd book in the Monsters in the Dark Series.  It picks up where Tears of Tess left off. 
Here's what I can say.  I know I said TOT would blow your mind well QQ is a total Mind Fuck. In the best sense of the word, so much that you want to light up a cigarette like you just had the best fucking sex of your life and you don't even smoke! You know how usually the second book in a series doesn't usually hold a candle to the first book?  Well,  with QQ it didn't only hold a candle it damn near burnt the house down. This is not anything like I expected. It was every dark twisted thing I never wanted to know and so much more! It's hard for me to even go into detail without spoiling this mind boggling masterpiece.  This is a journey of two fucked up people trying to be in a relationship.

This is told in a dual perspective so you can see just what lies in each of their heads and the shit is crazy fucked up. 
They both have power struggles with themselves and each other.  
Q wanting to possess everything that is Tess including her mind. We all know Q's sexy ass is a beast and holy shit if it doesn't rear its ugly head and ROAR!!! So fucking loud that you feel it rumble in your Chest!  
Tess wanting Q to be more open. You know like most women want from a man. She wanted to break down all his walls and make him love her back.
Did Pepper bring the heat? Hell yeah she did! This is some Bonney and Clyde ride or die shit right here.
Q promised he would give her what she needed but will he break Tess in the process? Or will he crack and show her that he loves her back? Can they make it in this fucked up journey called life? 
That's what you need to find out!
This definitely captured 
5++++++ BadAssDirtyDarkWTFJustHappenedStars!!!

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