Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Review Post~The Perfect Someday by Beverly Preston

My Review

Beverly Preston delivers again!  
Even though this is the 3rd book in the series it can be
 read as a stand alone.  
Prepare yourself for a fantastic ride! 
Tracy is the responsible,  always plan ahead,
 always be prepared, calculated independent 
The total opposite of her sister JC. 
JC just wants Tracy to let loose and let go of all 
of her inhibitions while they are on vacation in Greece. 
So, for once Tracy forgets all of her rules and 
tries being spontaneous and open and guess what happens?  
She has the most 
unforgettable time with a man she feels is the only one for her. 
After that one,  night she
 never hears from him again.  
It breaks a part of her spirit that she never really gets back
  So she goes through the motions of life trying to make something out of her life and not 
even knowing how to start!  Thank a God she has an excellent support group with her 
family and after finishing college and Tracy not finding anything suitable, her family 
whisks her away to Italy for a job opportunity.
She has sworn off all men especially Italians. 
Which makes life hell for Antonio one of the two
 brothers of the winery that needs her financial advice. Vincent on the other hand is the
 jerk that doesn't want her around.  He is very attractive, but his attitude proceeds him and
 is very unpleasant.  As they continue to work together and spend time together,  they have
 a underlying passion for one another.  
Will they be able to break down each other and live
 by their hearts desire?
Or will they be trapped by their past heartbreaks? 
You must one
 click to see, but you will so Damn glad you took my advice! 


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