Saturday, August 30, 2014

~5 Star Review~Black Lies by Alessandra Torre

Alexandra Torre has just popped my Cherry! 
I have never read one of her books before, but this shit right here was a deliciously, tantalizing,  cluster mind Fuck.  
It was an insane roller coaster ride. 
Like the biggest,  scariest one in the park that you have to ride 
because otherwise it's pointless to go to the amusement park. 
So you get on it and your excited
your anticipation grows and your not sure what to expect but,
 you think you have it figured out
 all the twists and turns
but you have no fucking idea what your in for until your reach the end. 
It was like WOAH, WAIT UMMM. WTF?
 I loved and hated not knowing what to expect and trying to guess the unknown.  
I was having a hard time with Laya's indecisive ways and at times wanted to make her choose a side, but as all in all it was a Picasso!  
An original that won't be soon forgotten.  
I'm gonna click my sexy Fuck ME  bedroom heels up 5 times for this Mofo! 
Y'all better one click this ASAP!

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