Monday, August 25, 2014

Explosive Review of Rogue by Katy Evans

My God,  I never thought I would utter these words, but here is the conversation I just had with my 
girl------->"Girl Greyson has Remy Beat"
 "I know,  I know YES I said Remy!
YES My Remington Riptide Tate. It's so Fucking close but Greyson took my #1 spot!
 "You have to read this NOW!
 Well, finish it later!!!
  I swear you will thank me for it. "

Of course she did and agreed with me 100%
NOW, that being said brace yourselves ladies and I will explain WHY.  
 is a pure CONFIDENT
 that will make you want to drop your panties for him in front of your husband.  

Yes, he's that good Bitch! 
Melanie,  well she is just what he needs.  
 and he is going to HAVE by Any
EVERY means necessary!
She doesn't even know what just hit her.  She may not believe she's worth it, and he may not think he's good enough for her but no doubt Katy Evans did the the damn thing.
  This story comes together so.....
 *kisses her 3 fingers and pushes outward* Brilliantly!
 So any apprehension I had about her being able to hold anything to the First 3 books in the series is obliterated!

I'm gonna share with you some of the message I sent to Katy on FB immediately after reading this

OMFG I just finished Rogue. I have been in love with Remy since I read Real and we have had a few conversations about how I daydream about him on my way to work some days! Anyways,  my point is 
Fuck Me Running
 I just finished my ARC of Rogue and I feel like my body has exploded into 5 million different pieces.  I never thought in my wildest dream anyone could hold a fuckin candle to Remy, the character, and the series but I am so FUCKING wrong! Greyson. FUCKING. King. BLEW my Mind. I didn't even make it through the book without Ummm let's say raping my soon to be husband several times.  I just had to say thank you for delivering a fuckin mind blowing story and characters that I will never forget and always RAVE about!  I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next!

#LLF #GreysonRuinedMe

So there you have it. A Kickass Book! 
So good make you wanna

And at night when I want a SPARK,
a little jump start to my AHEM.. Not so dry dreams,
 I open this book on my Kindle and go to about 90% and re-read that bitch to the end.  So I remember why the name Greyson is branded in my mind even if I can't remember my Dreams and all the dirty things he does to me in them!


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