Tuesday, April 28, 2015

5 Stars for Manwhore by Katy Evans

Wait a minute. Hold on.  Just stop. Let me compose myself.   
I can't even put while sentences 
together right now!  
Like. Love. Lust. Hate. 
Those are all the words that plow to the front of my brain as I try to write this review.  
How is it even possible to be completely costumed and captivate by this gripping story you ask? 
Well here's the MAGIC  formula 
Katy Evans +Writing + Rachel  + Saint + Friends & Family =Manwhore

All Rachel wanted was a chance to make it.  To prove  she has what it takes to be a professional writer. 
Life hasn't always been easy, but she had a very optimistic outlook.  
Never looking 
for the easy way out.

Saint, well he was the man your mother warned you about.  
A Rich 
Sex pot 
with an I don't give a Fuck attitude.  
The kind of guy with his own groupies, fanclub, you name it he had it. 

They both had deep passions for their work and charity facilities.  
They were both a pretty closed off about their feelings just sort of going through life doing what was expected. 
Not expecting anything to become of the electricity between them other than physical pleasure. 
Katy throws you for a loop and leaves you hanging in the wind and I absolutely positively HATE cliffhangers but I would read this fifty times over 
Yes, it's that's good!  

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