Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Release Blitz - Hard Love by Shana Vanterpool

Title: Hard Love
Series: Guns & Ink
Author: Shana Vanterpool
Genre: N/A Contemporary Romance Standalone
Release Date: May 22, 2018
When two people in pain collide, there is something intoxicating about drowning in the chaos of hard love.
Brando Hawkins is a detective with the Denver Police Department. The world should be his to take. He’s a dedicated officer with a promising career. But Brando’s got secrets. Dark, ruthless secrets. At twenty-six, he’s burned-out, and the sight of another body, one more unhappy ending, might just do him in.
Catherine Abbott is a woman who wars with her demons and guards her heart. Immersed in a world where people ink their lives on their skin, Catherine trusts only that which she can see. And, as a rape survivor, she finds comfort in control.
But Brando’s demons start to tangle with hers. They’re dangerous, like hers. But they’re beautiful too.
A spray of bullets brings them together, and the pain of their pasts collide with the lure of their futures. Cat wants to mend his heart and his wounds, but Brando’s secrets lay tucked away in a vault so tightly sealed, she can’t get through.
Everything around them is covered in the confusion of love and the burn of revenge, but no one ever said love was easy.
Hard Love is the next standalone installment in the Guns & Ink series by Shana Vanterpool, a world of tattoos, love, and redemption from Swoon Romance.

Hard Love is hard on emotion. So prepare yourself if you decide to read this book. The emotions are dark, sad and violent but when the reader get to know Cat and Brando they’ll understand why. Their pasts have affected them both irrevocably but Cat in particular won’t let that define her. Brando on the other hand keeps running back towards his past whereas Cat wants to move forward.

These two broken and flawed souls find solace in each other but it’s not without struggles. They want one another badly in their lives but fear and secrets rear its ugly head. Cat and Brando broke my heart several times cause what they have experienced are beyond horrific and traumatizing. Despite that they both possess a strength when it comes to one another. There’s nothing they won’t do. Their chemistry is fabulous and I loved and enjoyed Cat’s sassy and tough side. Brando won me over with his softness towards Cat. She weakened him completely. In a good and swoon worthy way.

Madison and Klayton from book 1 Mad Love makes an appearance too and their both important people to Cat. The only two ones she loves until Brando shows up. 
Hard Love was an intense read because of its gritty storyline but the characters made it all worth it. I need more from these characters and I’m glad to know that there’ll be a third book about the solitary Isaiah.

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