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Release Blitz - Riders on the Storm by Robin Hill

Title: Riders on the Storm
Series: Waiting for the Sun, Part Two
Author: Robin Hill
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 30, 2019 Cover Design: Robin Harper Wicked by Design
Dear Francesca,
I’m writing to let you know I’m going to do as you asked. I’m going to leave you alone and hope that one day you’ll come back to me.
But I can’t sit in this house another minute. The absence of you is stifling. So I’m leaving for the island. Indefinitely.
I’m sorry, Francesca. I’m so very sorry. Please try to forgive me. And if you ever change your mind, I’ll be waiting.
I love you, Darian 
Riders on the Storm is the angsty, emotional conclusion to the Waiting for the Sun Duet. IT IS NOT A STANDALONE and should be read after Waiting for the Sun. Due to mature content, both installments are recommended for readers 18 and up.

I’ve been anticipating ROTS for quite awhile. Frankie and Darian have been in my thoughts ever since I finished book 1 - Waiting For The Sun. That’s a testament to the author and her excellent writing and storytelling. Riders on the Storm is pretty damn amazing. Robin Hill’s debut is fantastic and with this, her second book, she cements herself as an author to be reckoned with. Her writing and prose speaks to me. It truly is exquisitely told. The characters became people to me. People I was invested in and cared about. Frankie, Darian, Jane and Drew to name a few captured my heart.

The story of Frankie and Darian is the tale of falling in love and second chances. To embrace that second chance, accept and let go of the past. Frankie and Darian are two incredible characters, equally vulnerable and trying to make this very new relationship work but it’s not easy when both keep holding back and are not communicating properly. I enjoyed them navigating through their new relationship especially seeing it from Frankie’s POV. Everything is new, foreign and overwhelming and the only thing that she’s certain of is her love for Darian. He has his job and a whole different world compared to Frankie’s but they want to make it work. Their chemistry and connection is poignant and captures the early stages of love and a relationship beautifully. It’s not all bliss and they make mistakes. It’s a strong story of being human and going through life with all that encompasses.

There’s no question that I’m crazy about Frankie and Darian but the secondary characters are pretty remarkable too. Frankie’s BFF Jane. She’s one hell of character. I love that woman.  She’s not just Frankie’s BFF. She’s her family. She and her son Jacob is. Some of Frankie and Jane’s scenes hit me so hard. Their history and love. Phew... unconditional no matter what. 
Darian’s BFF Drew was terrific too. Through ten years of pain and grief Drew stuck by Darian. Never giving up. Gloria and Evelyn. The two older and wiser ladies with so much poise and heart.

Riders on the Storm leaves me feeling so content and happy. This shining story is unforgettable all thanks to Robin Hill and her impeccable writing and storytelling. With her plot and characters she’s created a Duet that I truly will treasure and read again.
I’m ready for what comes next. This author delivers the goods.

5 We Are A Family Stars

​​​​​​Robin Hill spends 75% of her day writing, 30% reading, and a good 25% hanging out with her husband whilst simultaneously stalking random people online. She’s terrible at math. She loves wine. Coincidence? Maybe.
She also loves to cook, eat cheeseburgers, listen to The Doors, and watch Jeopardy. She hates flying and blue cheese, and she's not too keen on treadmills. She believes in aliens but not ghosts. And she dream casts Josh Duhamel in every book she reads.
Robin hides out at her Texas Hill Country compound with her husband and their little poodle princess, Alice Malice.

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