Thursday, July 25, 2019

Release Blitz - Severance by N.N. Britt

Today we have the release day blitz of N.N. Britt’s SEVERANCE! Check out the release events and grab your copy today!

Title: Severance

Author: N.N. Britt

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Severance:

They say first love doesn’t last. Alana’s ends on the night her boyfriend Dakota dies in a deadly shooting at a Portland club.   In an attempt to look for ways to deal with her grief, Alana reaches out to Dakota’s older brother Mikah, who’s struggling with moving on himself.   Both damaged beyond repair, neither Alana or Mikah know how to cope with their loss. What’s worse, they have zero idea how to handle the unexpected feelings they start developing for each other.

Severance was my first book by N.N. Britt and let me say she blew me away with this hauntingly real new adult romance. 
Severance tackles sensitive topics such as shooting and PTSD. N.N. Britt has created a very authentic story which slowly crept under my skin and wouldn’t leave. 
Alana and Mikah survives a shooting but 24 others don’t including Mikah’s younger brother Dakota who’s also Alana’s boyfriend.

Severance is Alana’s story. Her before and after. Both parts equally important to the story, for Alana and who she was and now is becoming. 
She and Mikah are forever changed after that fateful night. They now share a connection and even though Alana didn’t have a friendship with Mikah she seeks him out. To still have something of her boyfriend and for the feeling Mikah gives her. Anything but lost and the endless disconnect she feels whenever she’s around her deeply religious parents or her best friend Jess, who’s also a survivor, but on a different path than Alana.

The author portrays Alana with an authenticity that felt too real at times. Alana and her anxiety, nightmares and wanting justice for her boyfriend and the other victims was flawlessly portrayed. The feeling of being lost and scared was something that was always present throughout the story. 
Alana and Mikah share a connection but it’s so much more than that. The Before and After chapters just work. They gave me a sense of who Alana was and how she saw Mikah. It’s not just Alana substituting Dakota for his older brother Mikah. It’s about moving on and finding comfort in others that helps you do that. Mikah is what Alana needs but it’s not easy when he’s also battling his own demons. Their chemistry is electrifying and always sizzling just beneath the surface. When they give in to one another it’s like a lightning bolt. 

N.N. Britt is a new to me author but after finishing Severance she’s an author I will look forward to reading more from. Very impressive and fabulous.

4.5 Cupcake Queen Stars.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

I shove away the damp blanket and prop myself against the headboard, my eyes darting around the dark room, searching for something familiar, searching for something to latch on to, but there’s nothing. Nothing except for the package I’m too scared to touch. Bang! Bang! Bang! Stay down! Don’t move. I can’t seem to catch my breath. There’s a scream stuck in my lungs and it desperately wants to come out. She’s bleeding. Get a paramedic here. How many fingers do you see? Can you hear me, sweetie? I pull my legs up to my chest and rock my body, wanting to stop the noise from getting into my head. Is anyone still inside? I’m looking for my brother. Sweetie, I need you to let me see your hands. Up until now, the memories of the aftermath have been only a shapeless blur. I’m not sure why it’s all coming back to me now, at four in the morning. I remember the police arriving and more gunshots. I remember the paramedics taking me outside. I remember sitting in the van while some woman in uniform is trying to talk to me, and I remember watching Mikah moving through the crowd outside the club. There’s blood dripping down his cheek, but I don’t think he’s hurt. I think the blood is mine. He stops one of the officers and asks him questions, and I can tell by how fast his hands move that he’s panicking. There’s a short exchange and then they’re gone. Now I’m in the hospital, and my parents tell me Dakota was shot to death during the attack. That’s all I get. No details. They don’t tell me how many times he was shot or where he was standing when it happened or if it was an instant death or a slow one where he lay there, terrified, watching the horror around him. I replay this moment in my head several times, wondering if I should have said or done something differently. Cried maybe. But I didn’t. I just sat there in silence, my hands and my face bleeding. I sat there waiting to wake up, waiting to snap back into my normal life. But it never happened. 


About N.N. Britt

N.N. Britt is a Los Angeles-based music journalist and photographer whose articles appeared in numerous publications. Her photos have graced t-shirts, billboards, and CD covers. When she is not writing or drinking coffee, she is probably reading or attending a heavy metal show.  

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