Saturday, January 25, 2014

Weak for Him by Lyra Parish

Review by Lil' Max
Tragedy will make you do some crazy shit! Especially if everything you planned to do with your life next came to a screeching halt. SO...... what if you were faced with deciding to be a high profile call girl?  One that could sell your virginity for 1 million dollars? Would you do it? *screams GTFOH * ARE YOU SERIOUS? No doubt about it I would do it in a heart beat and I wouldn't even need a second thought.  I would be like name that date and time and I will be there with fuckin bells on!!!!

That being said,  Jennifer Downs was a ballsy little bitch and said fuckit YOLO!  I mean it was her first time is Vegas. When in Rome... With her mentor Jesse, that hatin' ass bitch, trying to kill her self confidence  Jennifer didn't even think Finnley would really want her.  He gave her the power and confidence she needed. With Finnley training her personally,  how could she not feel amazing. 
SWEET Lawd baby Jesus did someone say Finnley Felton. Fuuuuuck Lemme wipe the drool from the corners of my mouth and douse myself with cold water.  Is he Hot? Check.  Is he an Ass? Check.  Will you need several panty changes before you finish this book? Check. Check. Check. 

He is a arrogant,  powerful,  sexy man.  If he wants something he's gonna get it or is he?  Jennifer has him breakin all kinds of rules and invading his mind.  He is off his normal game. His carefully calculated empire could crumble.  Is he willing to risk losing his business for something he's fighting so hard to stay away from?
If your looking for hot, dominant, did I mention hot sexy man to fantasize about you need a little Finnley Felton in your life! I could not put this book down once I started it.  This is Lyra's debut novel and WOW it was fucking badass!  She pulled out all the stops and grabbed up 5BadAssDirty1mill$VcardswipingStars

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