Friday, January 24, 2014

With You and Torn from You by Nashoda Rose

This is a 2 for 1 review.  You can't read one without the other!

With You
Fuck all the dumb shit this will suck you in,  eat you up,  wet you down,  and spit shine your ass. Then throw you a curve ball like a muther fucker. It has a cliffy but it's a novella and should be purchased with Torn from you.  Honestly,  With You lays all the background for Sculpt & Emily.

Sculpt is a sexy, underground fighter that doubles as a kickass singer in the band Tear Asunder. He decides to help Emily with some self defense lessons and ends up spending more time with this brunette than he anticipated.  He doesn't do brunettes! Since she ended up getting under his skin, he wasted no time getting in her head and wanting in her pants! 

Which leads me to Emily! This girl is trying to learn some basic self defense moves to fight off an attacker(she should have been worried about falling for Sculpt). She has pretty low self confidence Thanks to her POS mom that put her down any chance she got. Emily ended up moving in with her sassy Bff Kat and her brother Matt. They had become her family. They were like the devil and the angel sitting on her shoulders.  Matt totally opposed to the idea of Emily any where near Sculpt and Kat encouraging her to let Sculpt do any and everything to her!!!

Just when you think everything is kosher,  the author drops a bomb and your mouth is like say Whaaaaaat!!! Then she gives you some foreplay for the next book 
Torn from you. 
I devoured the next installment.  I mean I gobbled up the first 50% like a starving homeless person invited over for Thanksgiving dinner.  Sculpt becomes something you would never expect and Emily is devastated.
Shit so was I!!!
I went through a gamete of emotions anguish, love, hate, and betrayal some serious brutal hardcore shit and then the sun comes out. It shines and everything starts to fall back into place.  

However, Emily has a very difficult time accepting and moving on from everything that happened to her but,  I feel like it took her forever to finally do it.  At times I wanted to slap the piss out of her.  Again,  Nashoda rips the carpet from under your feet after coming back from the hell that Emily and Sculpt survived.  While she doesn't leave you hanging at the end of this one you will definitely be pining for the next installment.  Just like I am.  I'm already stalking Nashoda on Facebook private message. 

Both books ripped 4.5 BadAssDirtyPickuptheBrokenPiecesStars!!!

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