Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ladies Man By Katy Evans

He's not the guy you date. He's the one night stand.

You'd think the man who sends hot looks my way, who called me succulent, would want to strip me to my skin and spread me out on his bed like every other woman in Chicago.

Except he passed on my offer.... 
Just like I once passed on his. 
He's wary, like I am. 
He's broken, like I am. 
And everyone knows two broken parts can't ever make a whole. 
So I try to distract myself with dating. 
Tahoe and I are strictly friends. He doesn't think my new beau is good enough - he doesn't think any man is, especially himself. 
The more time Tahoe and I spend together, the more confused I feel. 
I'm trying to open up to love. 
But I'm quickly realizing that the only man I want is the stubborn, cocky, unattainable playboy Tahoe Roth. 
The one my mother warned me about. 
The one my body craves. 
The only one who will surely break my heart.

Well, well, well was Tahoe T-Rex Roth ever a ladies man. Hot Damn Yeah!
I know everyone wanted to know, or wants to know how he measures up to Saint. Honestly, you can't measure them the same way. It's not apples to apples. The only things they have in common is they're insanely hot, the have tons of groupies and they both will win your heart. 
This was more of a friend's to lovers romance. I love how Katy takes you on a journey of exploration of not only Gina and Tahoe learning about one another together, but of them discovering  who they are or what they want individually.
If you're familiar with the Manwhore series you already know Gina is spunky, sassy, and very independent, but she has a hardcore wall around her once shattered heart  and she is determined to play it safe even if her body and mind are in some serious disagreement!
Tahoe is that unforgettable gorgeous guy you spot at the club. He's the one all the girls want to take home and he could have his pick of any or all of them and he knows it. Although he's not super cocky, and I liked that about him. 
He was pretty genuine. 
He kept it real. 
I was amazed at how charming he was. 
No. Wait. Stop. NFW  
I'm totally bullshitting come on,
 I knew he was gonna charm my pants right off. 
Katy never EVER disappoints in the men she creates. 
Tahoe  was smart, charming, a perfect gentlemen, thoughtful, kind, patient as all hell. I mean the man literally had all the right  qualities. 
Ohh yeah not to mention 
A beast in the sac 
Anyhow, When I started this book I thought ok I'm gonna start it so I won't have to wait till I
 get until tomorrow night. 
Ahhh Hell, I totally devoured 
it in 4 hours. 
Every word was written to perfection. 
The way there lives continually crossed paths always seemed to flow so well and the scenes were described so vividly I swear I was right there with them every step of the way.
 You're missing out if you haven't read this magnificent book! 

Of Course this was so good Trixie and I both had to read it check out her review next!!!

Tahoe Roth truly was a ladies man but behind his sexy and charming exterior hid a vulnerable man with a secret. 
I really enjoyed Ladies Man and I didn't really know what to expect from Tahoe other than a man who loved women and sex. I was spot on when it came to that part but Tahoe's relationship with Gina or Regina as he called her was something I wasn't prepared for. 

Their friendship and relationship was unique in the sense, that Gina rarely hid something from Tahoe and called him when she needed his advice or just his presence. Tahoe was loyal and showed up when needed and they were honest with each other. Their chemistry and attraction was obvious but because of different needs they didn't act on it. I had to pull my frustration back a few times because I just wanted them to give in to their needs. To say screw it and jump each other's bones. The sexual tension was too much at times but written with such an ease. I ate Kate Evans' words right up. I thought their back and forth with one another carried on a little too long but if I had to see an upside to it, it did strengthen their feelings towards each other and made them fall in love. 

Gina was great character. She felt so real and so did her issues she was dealing with. She been through a rough break up and that shaped who she was. I enjoyed her friendship with Rachel and Wynn. They were such a huge part of Gina and there for one another every step of the way.
Tahoe was kind, intoxicating and sexy as hell. I was so curious about him because he didn't reveal much about himself. Only he was a rich blond bombshell who liked women and also had experienced some kind of loss to make him the way he was. Thankfully Gina was lucky to break through his walls as Tahoe was with hers.

Ladies Man was a perfect romance. Every character from the Manwhore series appeared and I couldn't have been more pleased. Katy Evans writes with such an ease and always makes me connect with the characters. It feels so effortless on her part and also why I'm a huge fan of hers. Next stop in this amazing series is the mysterious Callan Carmichael and I'm really intrigued to know his story.

4 BadAssDirtyT-RexStars

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