Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Arsen by Mia Asher

One glance was all it took… 

I'm a cheater. 
I'm a liar. 
My whole life is a mess. 

I love a man. 
No, I love two men… 
I think. 

One makes love to me. The other sets me on fire. 
One is my rock. The other is my kryptonite. 

I'm broken, lost, and disgusted with myself. 

But I can't stop. This is my story. 
My broken love story. 

I'm a huge fan of Mia Asher. 
I devoured Easy Virtue and Sweetest Venom so I had to read Arsen as well. 
I have to be honest and say that I have never struggled more with a character
 than I did with Cathy. 
My emotions were all over the place 
as was my frustrations 
but I have to give Asher credit for evoking such feelings within me. 
Her writing was powerful 
and flawless as always.
I liked the story but I didn't loved it 
and that's primarily because I just couldn't connect with Cathy or Arsen. 
I could easily understand 
Cathy's emotions after she 
had experienced three miscarriages. 
It's bound to affect you emotionally 
as it did with Cathy. 
But her solution on how to move on 
or get through it was one I couldn't 
fathom or understand. 
Cathy and Arsen's affair did nothing for me. Yes, the sex was hot and dirty and their attraction palpable but that was it. 
I really tried to enjoy them together and accepting that Arsen was helping Cathy
 in a way but I never succeeded. 
I think it was because of Cathy and Ben's beautiful and strong history. 
They had eleven years of history and there was so much love and admiration between them, that I instantly gravitated towards Ben. He was the good man who was bound to be wronged and of course 
I knew it would happen.
What made this story for me was the slow building romance of Cathy and Ben 
from when they first met. 
It was beautifully poetic and I loved every moment they shared together. 
I'm very pleased with the ending
 even though it was a little predictable. 

3.5 BadAssOneChanceStars

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