Thursday, October 3, 2013

Touch Me by T.H. Snyder

Review by Lil' Max:
Char is the sweet supportive younger sister that always has her sister's back. Hell she even picks up the slack for her sister when she moves off to LA for the job of a lifetime. Char really has no life now. She is BFF's with her sister's boyfriend Derrick since she doesn't really have any friends. No real friends after her douche bag of an ex played her for a fool and slipped and fell into bed with her BFF. 
Oops ya rite! Char has been lost ever since, just going through the motions, Until some psycho tries to steal the paper she's about to grab at the market. WTH? Then, somehow he just keeps popping up everywhere. He's hot! Maybe he's just what she needs, but after everything she has been through can she trust anyone?????
Riley is a sexy construction manager from North Carolina. 

He needs a change of scene.  He basically has no family and no where to go so why not venture out in the world right. He see's a craigslist ad for a roommate in Boston so he packs up his truck, grabs his dog Manny and hits the road. After he meets his new roommate Derrick, all he wants to do is find a new job and start his life. Until he meets this "crazy mini-mart bitch" who tries to steal his paper, and such begins the romance of Char and Riley.
These two cross paths and can't forget the electricity that ignites when they touch. As much as Char distances herself she can't shake Riley from her head. He's so damn hot, and witty and easy to get along with. Riley is everything you could want in a man. Once Char pushes past her insecurities from her ex, she is able to enjoy everything Riley has to offer. Let me tell you Riley will swoon you too! This story is a hopeless romantic's wet dream. It's just the escape you need to take. I give it 4 BadAssDirtyFallHeadOverHealsStars!!!!!

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