Sunday, February 16, 2014

Harper's Little Spitfire by Angel Steel

Reviewed by Lil Max
I have been s fan of Angel Steel's work since I read Sweet Surrender.  If your like me and you thought that was Hot this certainly takes the cake. It's not steamy it's scorching HOT.  Once they start,  they never stop.  It's like popping a Pringle! You can't have just one.  This is a story about Sage Mathews aka Spitfire who has been in love with the Harper Brothers since she was 15 years old, all 4 of them.  She's been carrying around this burning desire for them in hopes that someday her ridiculous fantasy will become a reality. 
Logan, Caleb, Mac,and Zeb. Tall, dark and different degrees of sexy. These delicious brothers grew up on a farm. Oh yeah ladies, that's right sexy 6 foot tall muscular farm boys!

There's a lot of pent up sexual tension that needs release in here and let me tell you it gets released. I swear I had Niagra falls inside my pants!
Sage ends up getting hurt a few times but the makeup scenes are worth every minute.  If your looking for a Hot, I mean fucking Hot multi partner panty wetting book you should snap this shit up in a heart beat it will have you hot and bothered before you hit 15% and it don't stop until 100%. At which time you will be left wondering WTF just happened.  Ohh ya this one gets 5+++BadAssDirtydSoakingWetStars!

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