Friday, April 18, 2014

***5 Star Review for Conklin's Blueprints by Brooke Page***

Review by Roxy

What a great story! I want sure if I was going to like this book as much as I did but... it's a lovely gem. A fantastic love story.

Tyler Conklin has never been in a real relationship, has never known what it's like to be in love. As one of the owners of Conklin Architecture, Construction, and Design he's one of the most eligible bachelors of Grand Rapids, MI. Tyler's only long term relationship was never a conventional one. This and the strained relationship he has with his father are only some of his "issues."
Rebecca "Becca" Stein has a pretty tumultuous past as well. Becca's childhood friend and college roommate, Ashlynn, isn't the best friend she pretends to be. Ashlynn has always wanted what Becca has and her long time boyfriend , Connor, is no exception. Becca eventually learns some hard lessons from the pair. Good thing she has a real friend in Jamie, her other roommate.

Becca lands a great job at Conklin and moves back home to Grand Rapids. A relationship between Tyler and Becca ensues. Tyler and Becca have some secrets neither is willing to share early on and it just makes for a rocky start. Slowly the relationship turns more serious for both but it's never easy.
I loved watching Tyler and Becca come together and learn each others secrets as well as learn to depend on one another. You will experience some crazy ups and downs, some fucked up backstabbing and some sweet, sweet making up. This book had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what saw coming next, I could not put it down! Can't wait to get my head into book 2, Conklin's Foundation. And I love the fact Tyler went to U of M!! Go Blue!!

5 BadAssDirtyMaizeAndBlueStars!!

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Mother of two, wonder wife, after school art/pottery instructor, self proclaimed runner, and Indie Romance Novel junkie!

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