Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Picture Perfect by Elisabeth Grace

Review by Roxy

Sometimes when you read a book as part of a series, the follow up may not be as good as the first or second book. No Need to worry about that with Picture Perfect. It held to the flow of the series and burned its own flame quite nicely!

We met Skye Summers in Rumor Has it. She's a smart, confident, sexy woman. She's left the nest and has started an independent life with a great new job and her own apartment. Skye has a lot of changes happening in her life. After a nasty, break-up with her ex Vic, Skye and  best friend, Katie, head out for a night on the town. After an adventurous evening Skye ends up in the arms of a chocolate eyed man. Skye is the daughter of a prominent politician; she doesn't do that kind of thing. She runs out on the brown eyed hunk after the best kiss of her life!

Landon Steele is the attractive, young, owner of Steele and Associates, a PR firm. His company just hired him a new assistant. He hasn't had the chance to meet her yet as he's been out of town and on vacation for the past two weeks. When he walks into his office he's as surprised to see the one person he hasn't stopped thinking about since she ran out on him in that club a few weeks ago.

Skye and Landon try to be as professional as possible but with the chemistry these two have it's all either can do not to bring up that kiss. When life hands you your perfect other half how do you pretend to not feel that draw or the spark with every brush of each other’s touch? 

Landon is one of the sweetest and most honest men, how can you not fall in love with him?

Well, Landon and Skye realize they can't stay away from one another. 

What would you do to protect the ones you love the most?

Would you give up your hearts true happiness?

See what happens when faced with the realization maybe you can't have your perfect happiness. How far will you go to get it back? How will their family obligations play out?

I was hooked with these two. My heart broke for their pain and swelled with their happiness. One of the sweetest love stories I've had the pleasure of reading.

4.5 BadAssDirtySweetStars

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  1. Thanks so much for doing a review on Picture Perfect!! So happy you enjoyed it!! :)