Thursday, May 1, 2014

~Love Lost by Maria Desouza~

Review by Roxy

This was an enjoyable new romance to read about.  I was not a fan of the way the characters responded to each other or the way the dialog played out but I did enjoy the story line. The author definitely has you wanting to know more.

We meet Jason Straiz, NYPD Homicide Detective, and Selene Mendez, ADA Attorney, in a coffee shop on a busy morning. Selene, or Sel, seems to be a clumsy girl and ends up spilling her morning nectar on the sexy detective Straiz. They start off sweet and somewhat innocent in their interactions with one another. 

Sel has a past she's trying to keep from surfacing, but the ever persistent Lucio Cardosa will not let go of his obsession with Sel. She has been running from her past and Lucio for a long time. Lucio feels he's waited long enough and intends to make Sel his again.

Jason has some trust issues of his own, but the beautiful Selene seems to be  all he can think of and someone he is determined to protect. Jason and Sel's relationship feels a bit rushed to start, but as they work through the happenings of Sel's life they become closer.

Lucio was quite the psycho.  There were some situations that just threw me all off and were a bit disturbing, but I guess that is to be expected of a PSYCHO!

This does not have an HEA, at least not yet. I hope book two will shed some light on that factor.

3.5 BadAssDirtyPsychoStars

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