Tuesday, September 9, 2014

4.5 Stars~Review Post~Reasonable Doubt 3 by Whitney G

This is the 3rd installment in this series. What a wonderful wrap up to all our questions. 

After the wonderful affair between Andrew and Audrey has ended, I was left with so many questions. And I was very upset with Andrew and his treatment of Audrey.

Audrey Everhart has fallen in love with the wrong man, at least not a man that deserves her. She's been pushed by all the people that are supposed to love and protect her. Now she's only thinking of herself, her future, her choices.

Andrew Hamilton is not who he seems, he's really just a shell of the man he once was. After having been cheated and lied to by those he trusted most, and to have the one most important person taken from him, he's closed himself off from feeling. From being the man Audrey deserves.

Audrey has left it all behind. She's started her new life away from Andrew and her parents. 

Andrew has realized how much he really needs Audrey and that he will do what ever it takes to win her back. He loves her...

Is it enough to win her back?

Will she forgive him for hurting her?

Will Andrew show Audrey who he really is?

I've enjoyed the heat these two share, the sparks are enough to light the sheets on fire!
Andrew has the dirtiest fucking mouth! 
I love it!!

The bond these two have is strong and as Andrew fights for the love of his life it just gets hotter.

I really enjoyed that Audrey stuck to her guns and didn't just give in to Andrew because she loves him, she knows she deserves better and she's not making it easy. Seeing her grow into a stronger woman and fighting for what she deserves makes her that much more desirable. 

This is a story of growth and give and take, not just love and romance, and of course hot sex!!

You have to read this to see if Audrey and Andrew get that happy ending. Well, more like the happily ever after.

4.5 BadAssFilthyMouthedDirtyStars!!!

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