Wednesday, September 3, 2014

~4Star Review~Inevitable Detour by S.R. Grey


If your looking for a great new book, this is the one to read!! 
S.R. had me hooked! 
This was a wonderful love story, with some mystery and intrigue as well as one sexy ass alpha lead.

Essa, a sweet, almost innocent, college junior has been trying to get out from under her parents thumbs. 
She just wants to be able to make her own decisions. 
Haven is Essa's best friend and everything Essa wants to be, beautiful, yet outgoing and caring. 
Haven is like the sister Essa never had. 

It's the last day of finals and Summer will be in full swing soon. Haven has invited Essa to come to New York City with her. Essa really wants to, and not just to get out of small town Pennsylvania, but to finally, after more than 2 years, meet Haven's sexy older brother 

Farren's work schedule has always kept him too busy, or out of town, for Essa to have ever met him, but she has had an eyeful through Haven's photos. 
He's just the sexiest man Essa has ever seen, he is her every fantasy. 
Tall, broad, chiseled and so protective of his little sister, with intriguing, vivid green eyes.

Haven has convinced Essa to let lose and go out drinking and dancing. 
Essa's not much of a drinker but,
hey, WTH it's a celebration, finals are done. 

What could possibly go wrong?? 

Essa wakes after an interesting night out, not sure but something is off... 
Haven is gone! 

This is the beginning of an all new Essa. 
Her submissive, go with the flow personality is not helping find her friend at all. 
Enter.... Fallen 
He's come to find out what happen the night his sister was taken. 
And we learn just what kind of man Farren is!

Essa and Farren set out to find Haven. 
This is Essa's inevitable detour. 
Where will it take her?
What has destiny or fate got in store for her?

I loved the connection Essa has with Haven and how the strong bond and love they have gets Essa to come out of her comfort zone and push to find her friend. 

Farren takes notice of sweet Essa. And soon he's enraptured by the sweet yet strong girl that is Essa. As they spend day in and day out with each other their attraction becomes clear. 

But what kind of man is Farren? 
What are his intentions? 

I could not put this book down, I had to see where these two would go next. 
Would Essa finally tell Ferran how she feels? 
If so, how would he react? 
There are a few twist and turns and we don't really know Farren's true intentions for some time. 
The secrets he's kept all come out in the end.

I enjoyed seeing Essa and Farren's relationship grow and how sweet and FIERCE Farren could be. 
This is not a standalone but there is almost an HEA. 
I loved the way book 1 ended and I can't wait for book 2!!!

4 BadAssDirtySecretiveStars!! 

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