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5Star Review Post~Surviving Broken by Beverly Preston


Surviving Broken ~ Sometimes you have to go through hell to find your heaven

Most women have a wish list when it comes to what kind of man they want to date. JC Mathews used a strict set of guidelines as a safety net to keep herself out of trouble and out of love.

On hiatus from the bright lights and speculative gazes of her career in the fashion industry, JC lets her guard down...only to the wrong man. After escaping Italy and the hands of her abuser, she returns to Malibu to recover. The last thing she expects to find is a large, gorgeous intruder swimming naked in her pool.

Reed Rider left Texas and his broken heart behind in order to settle his aunt’s affairs after her death. Seeking refuge from the California heat for a midnight swim in his neighbor’s backyard, he never expects to find the nude silhouette of a long-haired beauty standing at the water’s edge.

As their passion ignites and the pages of JC's rulebook fade to grey, she unlocks her guarded heart to begin a new chapter in her life. When hidden truths are exposed and secrets unravel, will they survive the threats from their broken pasts?

I'm Flabbergasted and utterly AMAZED at the content of this book.
I have read every book in this series and loved them.  This story is about JC.

 I expected some things to happen that did, but never would have guessed the reality of the new found situation JC encounters.  
Beverly portrayed JC's character perfectly!  
Capturing the life of an abused woman expertly.  Speaking from experience it was uncanny the feelings that I felt reading this. 
And recalling how the affects of abuse take you hostage in your body!
 Anyways, thank goodness there was a light at the end of that dark tunnel. 

When JC meets Reed, she is not looking for a man.  
Not even to satisfy an itch.  
However,  She can't deny the magnetic attraction she has for him especially after witnessing what he has to offer!

  Reed has his own broken pieces to deal with from his past, but is surprisingly patient with JC. 
I enjoyed watching these two collide together and try to build a sturdy foundation from a million broken pieces.  
The depth of the storyline was a reminder to me that you can never take life for granted and if you make a mistake, learn and grow from it rather than let it cripple you.  
That is exactly what JC eventually did.  
This was an excellent continuation of the Matthews Family series. 
You get to experience a little of the whole family
 and of course there is the hot, sweaty, dirty monkey sex! 
Anyways,  this should be your next Reed. ;)
Pun intended.  

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