Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review Post~Deacon by Kristen Ashley~

Roxy's Review

Book 4 in The Unfinished Hero Series.
This is probably one of my favorite books in this series.
Deacon and Cassidy have a romance that starts out years before they do anything about it. 
Cassidy is the young new owner of some rental cabins in the mountains of Colorado. 
Deacon is a guest in her resort.
When Cassidy and Deacon meet for the first time she is having an argument with her boyfriend over money spent fixing the small resort cabins. The effect they have on each other is mutual. 
Hot Energy!!!
 For four years Deacon comes and goes renting "his" cabin from Cassidy. 

Until one night, Deacon swoops in to help Cassie with some unruly renters and in the end looses his battle to stay away from her.
The love story of Deacon and Cassie does not have an easy road, but the bumps are what make it worth the ride! 
I loved seeing these two come together. 
LITERALLY! *snickers*
Deacon is the strong quiet brooding type that keeps things to himself and Cassie lets him. 
Well Obviously not 
Cassie is the sweet caring woman that becomes strong enough for both of them.
These two won my heart over and the sexiness was not lacking 

I'm Looking forward to more of this series!!
4.5 BadAssDirtyBroodingStars!!

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