Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Ian McMasters and I were like gasoline and fire.  Chemistry I could feel from a mile away, and more addictive than any drug.  Together, we were explosive.

Ian was there.  He was always there - my rock and my hard place, all in one.

"I want that, I want it with you.  I want everything with you."

I couldn't go to Duncan's for dinner with f*ck-me underwear on.  What if we did start to mess around and he made it that far?  Little hard to look the part of conflicted good girl and not-expecting-this when the last layer is nastiness personified.

"Do you have any idea how perfect you look right now?  Like I almost don't want to mess you up."
"Please mess me up."
"Oh, I'm going to, I just want to memorize it first."

"Not so fast, don't skip ahead.  I mean once I'm inside you ... fuck, it's gonna be a runaway train ..."


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