Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cash for the Holidays?


You loved Cash and and Olivia in M. Leighton's�Down to You.�And now you can love them again, just in time for a little mistletoe action! 
M. Leighton's�giving everyone the best present ever--a FREE Cash and Olivia holiday story!�A Davenport Christmas�will be posted on her blog on December 21, just in time to be read with some eggnog, a sugar cookie, and�carols playing in the 
Sign up to follow her blog via email, and you'll get it right in your inbox, the�second�it's posted! (...and--psst!--there�may�be some more Cash and Olivia action on the blog coming in the new year, so definitely make sure to sign up to get blog notifications!)

AND! There's a giveaway, too! Of course there is, it's the HOLIDAYS!
and you'll be entered to win one of TEN signed copies of�Down to You. How's�THAT for a little holiday cheer?

--it's beginning to look like�Christmas...�A Davenport Christmas... and you definitely don't want to miss it!

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