Monday, January 12, 2015

~5Star Review~Taste of Pearl and Shades of Pearl~by Arianne Richmonde

So I just happened to pick this up after seeing someone post a free book on their timeline. I read the synopsis and it sounded scorching Hawt 
so I bought it. 
As you know, I'm an avid blogger soooo...... what usually happens is I NEVER get to read books I buy right away. 
(Or even in the same year!) 
I was having a hard time sleeping so I opened this up and started reading it. 
Holy shiznit I flew through the first 9 chapters  (A Taste of Pearl) in no time
 and jumped on Amazon
to buy the whole book (Shades of Pearl) 
Many have made comments that it is better than FSOG and the Bared to you series and I have to say I am as hooked on this as I was with those! 

This is a 5 part series and while my book budget, who am I kidding my budget in general is blown already this month, I will be getting all the rest of the books ASAP!!! Alexander Chevalier is a 25 year old to be weakened by and reckoned with. 
Holy. Fucking. Shit. 
When I say this is HOT, I mean you will have to relieve the sexual anxiety that builds over and over and over! 
Have your B.O.B or booty call on hand! 
At your beck and call. 
I find Pearl a bit too insecure, but I have a feeling her skeletons will be revealed soon.
Do not sleep on this panty wetting story 
filled with drama, humor and passion!

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