Wednesday, January 7, 2015

S.C. Ellingson Review Tour~Unsettled and Surrounded

The perfect title for how you'll feel at the ends of this story! I read this in one sitting. It was easy to get into. The way the story unfolds really brings out all of Brooklyn's  insecurities. Rightfully so,  after what she goes through with her POS ex!
 No matter how beautiful a person is on the outside, insecurities leave deep nasty scars on the inside .  
Logan was so sweet and confident. Definitely not an insecure man!   and a Successful business owner. Just what Brooklyn needed.  There were a few things that caught me by surprise. Brooklyn had very little faith in Logan when the shit bu hit the fan and she never confronted him about it.  I was so mad. I wanted to jump in the book and shake her!  All in all it was a great read but make sure you have book 2 already at your fingertips because this cliffy really leaves you Dangling!  
4 BadAssDirtyUnnerving&HawtStars


This is book 2 in the series and it picks up right where the first left off.  You get a taste of what was running through Logan's mind besides the Hot Sweaty Monkey Luvin that happens  between Logan and Brooklyn.  
It's quite the Rollercoaster of drama but well worth the ride.  I think Brooklyn became more mature and Logan had to stop being Mr. Nice Guy and start fighting for his future .  And boy does he Ever!  

I enjoyed every bit of this book.  
and was sooo glad to have it at my fingers when I finished Unsettled. 

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