Friday, February 6, 2015

5+++Stars for All Things Pretty by M. Leighton

M. Leighton never ceases to amaze me! 
I have truly fallen for every single one of the male characters in her books that I have read!  
I know one of the beautiful things about reading is
falling in love, lust or obsession over and over again.
I swear she gets me every time!!! 
 This story was very original and intense.  
It was one hell of a sexy, angst filled ride with some mystery and thrills sprinkled in between.  
Tommi  was a very unwavering and determined young woman.
She had a goal and a plan,
however Sig crossed her path and
became her crypto nite.
A walking, talking,  flirting
Sex God dipped in chocolate.
Everything is better dipped in chocolate!
Mmmm,  Mmmm, Mmmm just thinking what he's capable of makes me all hot and bothered!  
This story keeps you engaged and intrigued from beginning to end.  
Pick up your copy of this and read it today!  


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