Tuesday, April 7, 2015

5 STARS~Unblocked~Episode Two by Marni Mann

Unblocked, Episode Two Blurb:
One taste was all it took.
Derek Block demands more.
Frankie Jordan wants to run.
Pleasure complicates business.
But some passion is just too hard to resist.
Things are getting hotter as real estate gets real….

This is Episode Two of the five-episode Timber Towers novella series

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This is book 2 in the series and I think it could be read as a standalone, but best if you read it in series order to get all the background information of the characters.  That being said this picks up right where Vol.1 left off.  You know where you were wondering WTF happened with Frankie and Derek ! 
The electric  current those two have is undeniable! They both try to, but eventually give into what both of their bodies want. 
This episode is a scorcher so I hope you have a way to release the build up of Sexual
Tension that you will endure during this one.

Derek is a charmer  for sure. A confident, bossy, sexy man that lives up to every fantasy he describes. He plays hardball. Never giving up.  Never giving in until he has what he wants.  

but maybe a bit distracted by 
Miss Frankie Jordan. 
He is consumed by her. 
His focus is all in how to make her blush, how to make her smile, 
and how to satisfy her 
over and over 
and over! 

Frankie is so sated, she doesn't know how to keep her traitorous body and hormones in check and be strictly professional.  
They both need one another professionally and physically. 
There are a lot  things  Frankie doesn't know about Derek. 
Some good some bad,  but they are both terrible at communicating with each other about personal things.  
Will it all come to a head? 
Can they truly work together outside the bedroom?  
We are left hanging at the end of this volume, aching for more. 
Until Marni throws us a bone, keep re-reading this sexy, tantalizing book tease. 

I held her wrists above her head and leaned down so she could feel my words, not just hear them. “I give you what I want, when I want - my fingers, my mouth, my tongue...” My hand dropped to my zipper. I fisted the crotch of my jeans. “Even my fucking cock. Understood?”
I expected her to pull back, but her focus seemed to soften as her eyes traveled down my stomach and settled on my hand. I released the bulge so she could get a better look at my dick.
She licked her lips. “Got it.”
I knelt on the bed and straddled her body, holding her hands against the headboard. I had made a special request for this bed, I wanted something wooden, with slats on the headboard, carved and sanded, so the finish was smooth on all four sides. I knew she could handle the rubbing, but I didn’t want her skin cut or splintered.
“You’re not going to tie me up…”
I weaved the flannel around her wrists and secured the knots to the headboard. “I’m not?” The shirt was tight enough to prevent her from moving, but loose enough to allow circulation.
She glanced at my handiwork. “You warned me that you would do this…I never thought you really would.”
“Don’t ever doubt me, Frankie. I always keep my promises.”

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