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Release Day Blitz~Mr. Right Now~by HJ Bellus

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Volume #1 Four Brothers Dax Cole Eli Kam One chain of night clubs...”Made To Sin” They’ve been to Tampa, New York, and Atlanta leaving behind their signature and very sexy nightclubs. It’s time the boys bring their club to the West Coast. Their business life is intriguing, nightclub life is entertaining, but it’s the after party in the hotel where the sin really begins. Dax, Cole, Eli, and Kam have no boundaries when it comes to their desires. Whatever they want, they get. The only rule is: there are no rules. Anything goes behind closed doors. No limits. The Made to Sin men are party boys who get what they want, and LA is their next target. Are you ready to party with the Made to Sin men? -This is a four-part erotic serial.- Not suitable for readers under 18.
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This is Eli and Chloe's Story.  
Chloe grew up with the Sterling Brothers.  
She knows them all to well and their debaucharious ways.  
She has significant history with Eli 
Chloe has moved to LA in hopes of starting fresh and forgetting all about the Sterling brothers.  
She has done a fine job until this new contract puts them all smack dab and front & center. 
The name of the club,
 Made to Sin definitely 
encompasses the 
Sterling Brothers to a T!!! 
Chloe is sassy & very protective of her shattered heart.  
Her body has always had different intentions when it comes to Eli. 
The chemistry between her and Eli is explosive once ignited.  
This story will awaken the tingling sensations below the waist and speed up your heart rate.  
I flew through this in no time and was left with a certain amount of anxiety at the end. 
I'm talking my heart pounding, almost ready to jump out of my chest!!!
You are left dangling by a string and wanting to shake the author for it, 
but knowing you only have to wait a week somehow eases the pain. 
This is a superb start to the series and I'm counting the next 7 days until I can find out WTF happens next!

About the author  
I am an independent author excited about releasing my first novel very soon. A big dream coming true!!! I'm all country...the kinda country where green grass grows and corn pops up in Miranda and her bad ass music!!! Just a simple country girl getting one story out of her head at a time...I always fall hard for a trucker style hat...especially if it's a John Deere hat....loves me a good ol' farm boy!!!!!!
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