Friday, May 29, 2015

4.5 STARS~HER BODYGUARD BY Milly Taiden & Mina Carter

Her Bodyguard

Business before pleasure... all work and no play makes billionaire CEO Amanda very dull indeed. Until she meets a hot bodyguard and sparks fly! 

After a spate of kidnappings, Amanda's head of security suggests she get a bodyguard. She manages not to laugh her ass off before telling him no. With no social life to speak of, and certainly no sex life, what does she need a shadow for? What the heck was he going to guard, her pizza? 

Andrew Davison doesn’t do sweet. He’s hard as nails and has a background that scares the shit out of most people. The rest want to hire him. 

When a friend asks for a favor, Drew can’t say no. Teaching a spoiled, rich CEO that her security needs an overhaul should be an in and out job. That is, until he finds himself with her curves pressed tight to his body, awakening a hunger he can’t tamp down. 

Sparks fly between the two that neither can stop. She’s irritated by his bossiness and he’s tired of being tempted by her. When her life is on the line though, he’s the only one who will do anything to save her. Anything. Up to and including giving his own life to save hers. 

Emotions erupt and wills are tested. One of them will give in to the other before the possibility of forever is taken out of their hands. 

Reader Note: This book contains wild sex (the hot and sweaty kind), adult language (dirty talk is our middle name), and violence. If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book. However, if you like an alpha male on a mouthy curvy girl, then this is right up your alley. Enjoy!

I was looking for a quick hot read 
and this was it.  
It wasn't too short, it was perfect. 
I liked that it didn't feel rushed and the characters developed slowly
 The only thing I thought was odd was the main character went by Amanda and Amy? 
Other then that I loved it.  
I love a good banter between the characters and Drew and Amanda surely can dish it out to each other.  
The fact that Drew was British made him 10 times hotter!!!
Amanda was snarky and sexy
These two made some serious music in the bedroom and it was steaming Hawt!
If you're looking for an easy
pick this up and enjoy it as much as I did!!!


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