Tuesday, June 16, 2015

5+++ STARS ~ Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren

I have been itching to read this book.  
I LOVE this series! 
These ladies DO.NOT. DISSAPOINT! 
Truly the BEST book in the series.  
It's hilarious, sexy, serious 
and it pulls at your heart strings!
  It felt real!!! 
Niall Stella stole my heart.  
I thought Max owned it but,
 I was so mistaken.
And Ruby that girl cracks me up the way she talks to herself.  
She was the Sara Melas of Hitched. 
You know the movie with Will Smith?  Anyways, she was a bit more self driven but nonetheless hopelessly head over heels for Niall. 
As Was I.
You get to experience the other characters in the series briefly so it quenches that obsessive feeling that creeps up when you think about Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, and Beautiful Beloved just to name some more of my favorites! 
This one took the cake and your crazy if you don't one click it today!

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