Wednesday, June 17, 2015

5Stars~Perfect Chaos by Nashoda Rose

I have been wanting to read this Forever! 
I  finally had time last night.  
Yes I said last night! 
I flew through this in no time.  
I  have been enthralled with this series since With You, book 1.
 Georgie was one of my favorite characters. Probably because I am the most like her.  
And speaks her mind. 
She only takes orders from Deck! Whom she is madly in love with, but won't tell him. It's only a secret to him everybody else has always known. 
Deck is the epitome of an Alpha Male! 
 With a body to die for, and more restraint than any man, he keeps her at arms length.  When it comes to Georgie, she really tests his resolve! She is off limits to him, being his best friend's sister! 
Perfect Chaos is a spin off series to the Tears Asunder books.  This focuses on Georgie and Deck and their backstories. This series always has a twisted plot, but I love that they come full circle so you never feel lost in the story. 

 The author also gives you a little taste of the characters from Tears Asunder just to scratch that itch of missing them.  
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to book 2 to continue the series with Kia & Conner's stories later this year.  

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