Thursday, July 16, 2015

5STARS for Flawed Love by Bella Jewel

Title: Flawed Love
Series: House of Obsidian #2
Author: Bella Jewel

Rainer Torrence is everything I could have wanted in my life and more.

He became my best friend when I was Thirteen years old.
From then on, we were inseparable. He was my first love and my first heartbreak.
But I always thought it was forever.
Until his Father died and things went bad.
Then suddenly, he disappeared.

Ten years and I didn’t see or hear from him.

Then came the call I’d be praying for– he was back in town.

Only the man I remembered is not him.
This man is quiet, deadly, and so incredibly beautiful.
He also doesn’t remember me.
He looks into my eyes, and he sees nothing.

So, I let him believe I’m just a girl that walked into his bar.

I let him believe I’m just a friend.
I let him use me on the cold, dark nights.
I let him believe that I am as emotionless about our relationship as he is.
I just let the secret go on and on.

But all secrets have an end, don’t they?

After meeting Rainer in Flawed Heart,
I was dying to read his story. I truly thought it was going to be about his past with Pippa and it was so much more than that.
This really gave you a look into
where he came from,
where he went, and how he survived.

Mali was his best friend in school and slowly they fell in love.
Then life happened
and a whole lotta shit changed.

As time elapsed,  Rainer was exposed to some crazy shit.  
Shit that makes you jaded.
Only being able to relate to those that have been through it.  
Forgetting alot of memories in the process.

Mali has never stopped loving Rainer.  
When she finds out he's back in town,
there is nothing stopping her
from seeing him again.
It was wild getting to see just how different their lives turned out after high school.
Who would've thunk it
with as tight as these two were.
A non-traditional friendship between teenagers!
It was great to see these two interact after having such an intense bond.
As friends and lovers.  
The basically had to rediscover each other.

Will their past be enough to keep them together?  
Or will the love Rainer have for Pippa
now be the deciding factor in their down fall.

I  loved Mali's spunky, sassy attitude.  I'm so glad she didn't loose her fire.  
Rainer was so passionate.
He fought so hard to protect the ones he loved
Raide's story is next and just with the snippet I read,  I'm salivating just thinking about it!  It's it August yet?


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