Tuesday, July 7, 2015

5STARS~Unblocked Episode 4 by Marni Mann

Unblocked, Episode Four Blurb:

Derek Block is ready to fight. 

Frankie Jordan must make a decision. 
Their pasts are demanding attention. 
Confessing the truth may not be enough. 
But can their intense passion sustain them? 
This is Episode Four of the five-episode Timber Towers novella series.

This installment keeps that bedroom fire blazing nice and hot.  
As the story continues to unfold, pieces of
 Mr. Calm, Cool and Collected's 
past start to pop up.  
I feel like he has had a plan all along with his sister to get revenge on Randy, 
but it's not gonna be the way as they think.  
Nothing ever is, right?  
You get to see Derek taken by surprise and a little unhinged.  
Frankie had trust issues as we already know
 and nothing that is going in now is helping that.  
I know volume 5 will bring this all back and fill in all the gaps that have been unanswered. 

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Episode Four Excerpt:
“Tonight is about us, no one else, and that’s the way I want it to stay. No more interruptions,” Derek said.
I took a deep breath and reached for my wine. I wasn’t going to let my brain jump to conclusions. This weekend was about us. Not Taylor. Not Reed. “I agree.”
He leaned into the table, his hand moving higher up my leg. “Kiss me.”

We weren’t in a back booth, and this restaurant wasn’t nearly as private as The Hole. There were more servers, a more open floor plan, many other tables close by. What he was asking for was much more than the peck I had given him before I’d gone to the bathroom. “Those fingers,” I said, placing my hand on top of them, “aren’t planning on going any higher, are t

He licked his bottom lip, teasing me with just the swipe of his tongue and the whiskers that surrounded it. “They weren’t, no. But now that I know it’s on your mind, I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop them.”

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