Tuesday, July 14, 2015

CAGED by Shay Savage! is LIVE! Check out this New Fighter Series

CAGED by Shay Savage


"I was no longer fighting for
the money or the glory –
I was fighting for her."

This is not made for TV. This is the raw, brutal underground of no-holds-barred combat. Inside the cage there is nothing but me and the pain I inflict on those who dare enter. In the cage, I never have to worry about anyone but myself. Yet, when she began standing outside of the cage, everything changed. I was no longer fighting for the money or the glory – I was fighting for her.



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Once the kitchen was spotless again, Tria grabbed Medusa’s Moneybag and a couple of textbooks before heading out the door.  I crawled out onto the fire escape to smoke while I watched her wait for the van from Hoffman College to pick her up.

Krazy Katie was already out there, of course, and she waved, too, as Tria boarded the dark red van with the Hoffman crest on the side of it and headed off.  I was surprised at the gesture

Krazy Katie had made, and I looked over to study her for a moment.  Strangely enough, she looked back at me.

As soon as I made eye contact, she usually looked away, but this time, she held my gaze for about three seconds.

“You should fuck her,” Krazy Katie said.

“Um…what?”  I had to have heard her wrong.

“You should take off your clothes, and put your penis in her vagina,” Krazy Katie said.  Her voice was rushed, and all the words strung together.  “You should ejaculate in her, and then she’ll get pregnant, and you’ll have a little girl.  You can love them, and then you won’t be so sad.  It feels good, too.”

“What the fuck are you talking about, you crazy bitch?” I asked.  I didn’t think I had ever heard her say more than a couple of words to me, and to have her suddenly start spewing shit about fucking and babies—it was too much.

Apparently, it was too much for Krazy Katie, too, because she curled up in the corner of the fire escape and didn’t say another word.  That suited me just fine—I didn’t need her saying that shit.  Tria was in school, for Christ’s sake—the last thing she needed was someone poking her fish and getting her pregnant.

I tossed the butt over the side and glared at Krazy Katie as I headed to my window.

“Don’t you say any shit like that to Tria,” I warned, as if it would make any difference.  “She doesn’t need to hear any of your fucking lunatic ranting, you hear me?”
She didn’t respond, of course.

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