Monday, August 31, 2015

4STARS~The Boss: (Managing the Bosses Book 1) By Lexy Timms

From Best Selling Author, Lexy Timms, comes a billionaire romance that'll make you swoon and fall in love all over again. 

Jamie Connors has given up on finding a man. Despite being smart, pretty, and just slightly overweight, she's a magnet for the kind of guys that don't stay around. 

Her sister's wedding is at the foreground of the family's attention. Jamie would be find with it if her sister wasn't pressuring her to lose weight so she'll fit in the maid of honor dress, her mother would get off her case and her ex-boyfriend wasn't about to become her brother-in-law. 

Determined to step out on her own, she accepts a PA position from billionaire Alex Reid. The job includes an apartment on his property and gets her out of living in her parent's basement. 

Jamie has to balance her life and somehow figure out how to manage her billionaire boss, without falling in love with him. 

** The Boss is book 1 in the Managing the Bosses series. All your questions won't be answered in the first book. It may end on a cliff hanger. 

For mature audiences only. There are adult situations, but this is a love story, NOT erotica.

Sasha's Review
This was a very interesting read! 
Usually most people have insecurities only have to deal with society and self deprecation,
 not their families.  
I honestly felt horrible for Jamie. 
Her family were Assholes! 
Every last one of them.  
If I was her,  
I would have told them to fuck off!  
Jamie was a lot more 
tolerant than me though.  
Anyways,  when she ventures out
 and away from them 
they still find a way to torment her 
at every turn. 
Thank God for Alex, her Sexy Boss. 
He was like forbidden fruit.  
We all know how that goes right?  
The more you can't have something or shouldn't, the more you want it. 
Everything about him makes Jamie think there would be no way he would want her, 
but fuck if doesn't.  
Huh sometimes men aren't shallow. Sometimes they see more in you 
than you can see yourself.  
Which is definitely the case between Jamie and Alex. 
I felt like the beginning to middle of the story developed at a decent pace, but their  "relationship" seemed to move really fast.  While I enjoyed the story, I think that some of the things Alex voiced would have been more like thoughts. 
The intimate interaction between them I felt like could have unfolded a little slower.  
The ending seemed rushed, 
but otherwise I enjoyed the book.  
I'm anxious to see how the series it continues. 

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