Monday, August 3, 2015

5Stars ~ Salvage by Tiffany Aleman

Karmen grew up very poor, but didn't let that mentality enslave her.  

She made something of herself.  
Although her self confidence took a huge blow, she vowed to never feel like she did growing up!

Drew and his sidekick Brayden were the cause of most of Karmen's pain in high school. 
They say karma is a Biatch
 And naturally what goes around comes around, but how many people get to be there when it does? 
Right not many!  
Karmen does!
This story touched on a few serious topics one being bullying.  I was astonished at the lengths people would and did go to in order to inflict pain upon someone else. 
It  was so raw and gripping and true it was crazy.  
Realistically a lot of people have experienced this or know someone that has.
 Along with Alcoholism, to which I have lost my FIL. 
This story hit very close to home in that regard. 
I must applaud Tiffany on capturing the mentality of each character and their imperfections beautifully. 
It was a true beautiful disaster and I loved every minute. 
It was real and deep and a page turner I didn't want to put down.

Is love enough?
Can you erase the past? 
Do people really change and can they get past their demons? 
Or will they destroy everything that has changed?


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