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The Lies Between Us (Book Four) in the
Devil’s Dust MC Series by M.N Forgy
is finally here!!

Cherry & Lip’s standalone romance is

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Cherry’s life growing up was nothing short of a nightmare. Having an abusive father forced her to fend for herself from an early age. Bruised and emotionally broken, she finally escaped, running straight into the comfort that Lip's arms brought. In the beginning, everything seemed to fall into place perfectly. He made her forget the messed-up ways of her life. But secrets can’t stay neglected. They have a habit of revealing themselves regardless of the consequences. Terrified, Cherry can’t speak a word or she’ll lose it all.

Lip is no stranger to the criminal life. Growing up among convicts, he wanted nothing more than to show his worth. He’ll do anything for the club without question, including serving six years in prison. But nobody could have predicted life’s plan. Rugged, tattooed, and wanting nothing more than to have Cherry, Lip is no longer the man whom Cherry remembers. After his release, he came out a beast with more secrets and lies than his cage could hold.

the lies between us.jpgExcerpt
After he leaves, I open his wallet, reading his name, address, weight. All of it.
“Phillip DeLuca.” I taste his name running off my lips as I trace my finger over his picture. He’s so handsome. He’s the kind of guy most people would be afraid of, but not me. I want to get to know him. Lost in a daydream, my car door is yanked open.
“Where the fuck is it, bitch?”
“What?” I shriek as I’m pulled out of the car and slammed forward onto the hot hood. “I don’t have anything!” I scream, trying to pull free. He shoves me back down on the hood. His hand tangled in my hair.
“Don’t think about moving,” he spits, his tone harsh. I roll my eyes and continue leaning over the hood. My heart slams against my chest in pure panic, and my hands shake. He pulls away and leans in to the car. Within seconds, he finds his wallet. Shit.
He peers at me with a fierce energy in his eyes. The intensity has me pulling off the hood, scared out of my mind.
“You have some balls,” he mutters, shoving his wallet back in his pocket. His tone is soft and tender suddenly. I turn my head and eye him angrily.
“Fuck you.” I cross my arms and lean my hip against the car. My choice of words more confident than I’m feeling.
He steps up to me and grabs my hips hard with both hands. My skin burns, and my mouth parts with desire. His brown eyes find mine, and his hands yank my body closer to his. I feel like all the air is sucked from my lungs as I search his dark eyes. Placing my hands on his solid chest to steady myself, my palms buzz with excitement.
“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” He looks me up and down and leans in close. “You’d like it if I pushed you over the hood of this car and fucked you ‘til your legs gave out.” His words feather against my lips, he’s so close. I hold my breath, willing my body to pull away, but I don’t move. Just when I think he’s going to kiss me, he grabs my hand and pulls it upward. I furrow my brows and watch as he pulls a pen from his back pocket, pulling the cap off with his teeth. He writes his number and the word ‘Lip’ on my hand.
“Call me. Don’t make me come find you, Cherry.”
“Cherry?” I ask out loud.
“Your swimsuit,” he yells over his shoulder before starting his bike. I look down at my white shirt noticing my cherry bikini peeking out from the bust line. A smile creeps across my face. I know I shouldn’t like him, but I kind of do. Driving past me, he winks and I swear I sigh like a damn fool.

This is book 4 in the Devils Dust Series.
I have been looking forward to reading
Cherry's story.

She is an awesome spitfire
and she always intrigued me.

Cherry's background story was heartbreaking and inspiring all at the same time.
To have a child at such a young age would be difficult, but to have to fight for that child and then lose the battle would break any mother.
Cherry's life is in danger and she has no choice but to walk away from her baby.
To try to live life one day at a time proves difficult for young Lindsay aka Cherry. When a sexy biker comes to her rescue in more ways than one, sexy Devils Dust prospect Lip has entered her life like a tornado.
Lip finds Lindsay on the side of the road having some car trouble.
Little did he know it was a ploy to get near him so she could pick his pocket.
As first impressions go, Lindsay has interested Lip in ways
he didn't know she would.
Lip has informed Cherry, as he has now named her, she will be living with him unless she has a better place to stay; that is not her car. Much to her dismay he is very adamant in this decision. After some time together, Lip is out on a run for the club, when things go bad and he is sent to prison for six years. As Cherry tries to be the best old lady she can for Lip, all he can do is try to keep alive behind bars; all the while keeping a very important secret from everyone. When Lip finally gets out of prison he is left with a very difficult decision. Does he show Cherry who he really is or does he keep up the gentle boyfriend act? When lies come out and true faces are shown who will hurt in the end?
Can Cherry forgive Lip's betrayal?
And what about the rest of the club?
Her MC family has been
keeping secrets as well.
Can Cherry come out of this unscathed? Can Lip forgive Cherry's omission?
When lies and deceit are the basis of a relationship, can they find themselves together forever? Is the love they have enough to get them through? All the twist and turns, and love and hate make this a real page turner. I was so excited to read Lip and Cherry's story and M.N.
does not disappoint!!
5 BadAssDirtyTwisted Stars!!

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m.n. forgy bio.jpg
M.N. Forgy was raised in Missouri where she still lives with her family. She's a soccer mom by day and a saucy writer by night. M.N. Forgy started writing at a young age but never took it seriously until years later, as a stay-at-home mom, she opened her laptop and started writing again. As a role model for her children, she felt she couldn't live with the "what if" anymore and finally took a chance on her character's story. So, with her glass of wine in hand and a stray Barbie sharing her seat, she continues to create and please her fans.

Stalk Her:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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