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5Star Review~Vagrant by Gemma James

Title: Vagrant
Author: Gemma James
Series: Condemned #4
Genre: New Adult Dark Romance
 Release Date: September 15, 2015


I’ve finally got what I want. 

Rafe Mason loves me.
He’s forgiven me.
Survived for me.
Killed for me.

But is it enough? 

His darkness owns me.
Consumes me.
Bends me.
Heals me.

Loving him shouldn’t be this hard. 
NOTE TO READERS: VAGRANT is a new adult dark romance with disturbing themes and explicit content, including sexual scenes and violence that may offend some. Intended for mature audiences. Part four of the CONDEMNED series. This book concludes Rafe and Alex’s story.

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Trixie's Review
I have been patiently waiting for the final installment in the Condemned Series and now that it's over I'm both happy and sad. Happy because it was beyond a perfect ending and sad cause I would love more stories about Rafe and Alex.

Holy shit what an amazing final book. Just reading the first chapter and I felt like I was coming home to see a long lost friend.
It picks up right where Fervent ended. Rafe told Alex that he would return to her after he went to help his friend Jax. But he didn't and now six months have passed. Rafe now returns to claim his woman but also because her stepbrother Zach, who kidnapped her in the second book Rampant,  has escaped prison. It's a very dark, gritty and highly erotic ride. I loved it.

I'm in awe of Alex. Her strength is unbelievable. After everything Zach and what she put herself through, she's still standing with her head held high school because of her undying love for Rafe. She's seen and experienced so much pain and suffering but Rafe uses his own darkness to harness and ease her pain.
Rafe is darkness personified. He's also experienced pain and suffering but also loss in the hands of Alex. But his pride and love for Alex is too strong and great. She brings out both the sweet, caring but also the very dark, rough but protective Rafe. Especially during sex is Rafe one dark and painful man. But only because that's how Alex likes him. These scenes are so erotic and intense. I could actually feel them release their pain in one another.

"We both knew our true bindings; the invisible line, born of pain and devastation, which connected our hearts. Nothing on earth could sever that, not even six months, during which I'd tumbled down the path of no return,"

Rafe and Alex have so much history together and their chemistry creates flames instead of sparks. I love them both because of their strength and their flaws. They have endured so much darkness and have been broken beyond repair but together they come out stronger.
Gemma James has done it again. This book has everything I loved from the whole series. I fell in love with Torrent and the love for Rafe and Alex grew stronger with Rampant, then Fervent. Now it exploded with Vagrant. I'm very pleased and now when I think of the Condemned Series, it will be with a huge smile on my face.


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Author Bio

Gemma James is the multi-genre author of several novels and novellas, from new adult suspense to dark erotic romance. She loves to explore the darker side of human nature in her fiction. She’s morbidly curious about anything dark and edgy, from deviant sex to serial killers. Readers have described her stories as being “not for the faint of heart.”

She lives in Oregon with her husband and their four children—three rambunctious UFC/wrestling-loving boys and one girl who steals everyone’s attention.

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