Monday, September 7, 2015

5Stars~Unblocked Collection by Marni Mann

Trixie's Review

This was such a good and an amazing read. 
I'm so glad I waited for the whole collection to be released, because I know I would have gone crazy waiting for the next episodes. 
It was that good!
But waiting for the collection to be released was also a test. 
I kept seeing teasers and reviews everywhere and they said the same thing. 
A Must Read!
   I just loved and adored both Frankie and Derek. 
Equally as much. 
Their strength, 
passion and love for their job, 
friends and each other was what captured me. 
And it didn't let me go until I reached the final page.
Their heat and lust for each other was flawlessly written 
and I had to take a break at times. 
It was so erotic and I could feel their lust jump off from the pages. 
From the first page I was captured and intrigued. 

Frankie is a heroine I just loved. 
So strong, sympathetic and really just a good person all around. 
True to herself, her needs and beliefs. 
Her relationship with Brea and Anna was beautiful, 
heartwarming and touching. 
Loved their scenes together and I could feel they shared a lot of history.
Derek Block. 
What a down to earth, real and loyal man. 
I couldn't get enough of him. 
His appearance was so sexually written. 
I could feel Frankie's attraction. 
He's just as loyal to family and friends as Frankie is. 
I love the different sides he shows Frankie. 
He can go from very demanding in a very sexual way 
to being this loving and caring man. 
Who's going to be there whenever he's needed. 
Marni Mann knows how to write a compelling and interesting story
 with a lot of tension and heat. 
I didn't expect to be moved and sit with tears in my eyes 
but I was so invested in the characters and their story. 
I was obsessed and devoured every page and didn't want it to end.
Marni Mann is definitely an author I'm going to be following. 
This was just perfection all around.
5 BadAssDirtyAndALotOfLoveStars

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