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4STARS ~Dirty Bad Strangers by Jade West

Title: Dirty Bad Strangers 
Author: Jade West 
Genre: Erotic

He calls me his dirty girl.
He’s just a caller, a sex line client, an anonymous pervert like all the others.
Except he isn’t.
He’s under my skin… his voice, his laugh, his twisted fantasies.
He wants to watch me with other men. Lots of other men.
He wants me blindfolded and bound and taken by strangers until I’m a used-up mess.
Then he wants to take me himself.
I should hang up, report him to my supervisor.
But I won’t. I can’t
… because I want him, too.

Gemma Taylor was born to be a chatline operator. Her filthy mouth and a filthier imagination make her hot property on sex chat. The hours are great and the money’s even better. She’s onto a good thing; finding her feet in the big smoke of London with a couple of old school friends.
Until he calls.
The rules of chatline are clear: no personal information, no breaches of confidentiality, and absolutely no other forms of communication of any kind.
So why is she giving him her number? Why the hell is she planning on blindfolding herself and leaving her door unlocked for him?
Gemma Taylor’s in deep.
And she’s about to get deeper.
Much, much deeper.

Warning: As with the other Dirties, this book is exactly what the title suggests. A filthy tale of unlikely romance, featuring group sex, bondage, and the usual kind of extremity readers have come to expect from the pen of Jade West. Definitely, definitely 18+. A strong disposition certainly a bonus

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I've read the two previous books by Jade West, so I knew what I was getting myself into. 
This book was exactly what the title implies. Dirty bad but in a terrific and highly erotic way. 
It was not just about dirty sex. I
t had a great and interesting story to back it up. 

Gemma is an ordinary, beautiful and curvy woman who works on a sex chat line. She's enjoying life and herself with a lot of no strings attached sex. She shares an apartment with her friend Tessa while her other "friend", Chelsea only wants to make Gemma's life miserable, 
by criticizing everything Gemma does and how she looks. 
Even though she tries not to be affected by Chelsea's words, 
they do show an insecure side of Gemma when it comes to her appearance.
Luckily Gemma finds some new and more free spirited people, 
when she starts practicing pole dance. 
Her growing friendship with Cara brings out a new side of Gemma that I loved. 
Their friendship is fun, real and honest.

The man, Jason who Gemma starts a sexual relationship with, 
is a man trapped in a hateful and spiteful marriage. 
He loves his job as a famous soccer player, 
even though his wife tries to take his joy out of that too. 
She's only invested in the marriage for the fame and public appearances. 
So he finds some relief as well,when he starts seeing Gemma. 

At first it's just dirty sex and fantasies between Gemma and Jason. She doesn't want to know anything about him. Only his name. That's why she's blindfolded when they get together. And when they finally do get together is dirty, filthy and raw. But that's exactly what they both want. Until it gets to real and Gemma finds out who Jason really is to the world and to her.

The dilemma they both have when the truth about their relationship and their identities comes out, was something I found very intriguing and interesting. Especially Gemma, had a difficult time with it. She just wants to be anonymous to the world. Her opinion is the minute the world finds out about the them, they stop being Gemma and Jason and become a spectacle. 

I just got sucked in and addicted to the story. It was so intense and especially their conversations on the chat line. It felt authentic and very real. I could feel the heat and lust between them. It was as if I was listening in on their private conversations. The sex was dirty but it didn't felt wrong, because Gemma was always in control and it was played out exactly as she wanted. 
It was a different kind of love story and I enjoyed every moment of it. 
Jade West has done it again. She knows how to make dirty and filthy very erotic.

4 BadAssAndVeryDirtyStars

Jade West is a contemporary erotic author, real life submissive, and former sex chat-line operator, who is plenty used to getting people all steamed up with her dirty mouth. Her debut release, Dirty Bad Wrong, smashed into the Amazon top 100 in February 2015, followed by Dirty Bad Savage in June - an Amazon top 100 bestseller in 4 countries. Dirty Bad Strangers, the latest tale of debauchery and unlikely romance, released September 19th.

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