Thursday, October 22, 2015

5Stars~Review Post~Hearts series by Claire Contreras

I'm starting to really like reading second chances love stories. 
When it's done the right way. 
This was my first book by 
Claire Contreras and let me tell you. 
She nailed this book! 
The whole set up was written flawlessly 
and the switch between the past and the present was done with a purpose and gave the story so much more depth. 
I loved every single character in this story.

 The two main characters 
Estelle and Oliver. 
So much history, 
broken hearts and feelings 
between the two of them. 
I loved them as individuals and as a couple. But there were times when I was so frustrated with them, because of their fears and hopes for a future together. They kept procrastinating what they wanted and needed from each other. But it didn't ruin anything for me. It added to the tension and their story. It also made me feel right along with them.
This was such a well made story, which also builds up the next chapter for the 
secondary characters, Mia and Jenson. 
I already know their story is going to be equally as interesting and heart wrenching and I can't wait. 
Based on this book 
Claire Contreras has set the bar high.

5 BadAssShatteredHeartsStars

When I finished Kaleidoscope Hearts I knew I had to read Torn Hearts and Paper Hearts right away. There was so much tension and questions when it came to Mia and Jensen's story, that I had to know what or should I say 
who drew them apart. 
So this is a review of both Torn Hearts and Paper Hearts since this is their story.

I didn't think Claire Contreas could top Kaleidoscope Hearts, when it came to hurt feelings and broken hearts. 
But she did! 
I loved Mia in the previous book and couldn't wait to meet the infamous Jensen. 

When I finished Torn Hearts 
I was literally torn. 
How the hell were Mia and Jensen 
going to get back together 
and if they did, 
how were they going to 
trust each other again. 
Let alone make their relationship work.
I loved their shared history. Like Elle and Oliver they go way back, to when they were just kids. Because of that and their strong love for each other, 
that really made me 
want to root for them. 
I had my doubts 
if they were going 
to make it as a couple. 
I could understand each side of their story but my heart really hurt for Mia. 
It was so difficult and painful for her, because of the choice Jensen made and I could fully understand why, But Jensen won me over because of his fight and love for Mia. 
Man, he went all out for her and tries to learn and grow from his mistakes and I respect that. Mia as well had to make some choices of her own 
and I liked the growth in her. 
She really stepped up when it was necessary.
My emotions went through the wringer but in a good way. I love when a story makes me feel with the characters and the book did just that. The characters really carry this story as it did in the previous book and I felt a connection with all of them.
I've enjoyed this Hearts series by Claire Contreras and if this was the end, then she's going out on a high note. Just a stunning and heartfelt story with some flawed yet amazing characters.

5 BadAssOnlyOneTrueLoveStars

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