Friday, May 27, 2016

BRAWLER by Scott Hildreth

All men suck! They lie, cheat, and break women's hearts. I'd all but given up on relationships when I met Ethan Harlow, a drop-dead gorgeous boxer at Kidd's Gym.

He was sexy, muscular, tattooed, and talented.

So, I decided to give boxing - and men - one last try.

My name is Jaz. I'm a boxer. This story is about my rise to fame, all the while doing the two things I enjoyed more than anything on earth.

Fucking and fighting.

Along the way, however, I found out a little about love.

Brawler is a STAND-ALONE, HEA, no cheating, no cliff hanger.

What a fantastic and beautiful 
gem this story was. 
I was instantly hooked 
from the first couple of pages. 
This was not my first book by Hildreth and it definitely won't be my last. 
What I've learned from reading his books is that he excels in writing strong characters who shines throughout the story which always comes out 
as interesting and different. 
The writing was flawless and kept me entertained from start to finish.
Brawler was just that and much more to me. It was about dedication, 
love and 
most of all family. 
Jaz was a phenomenal heroine. 
I loved everything about her. 
From her feisty and honest personality 
to her humbled and 
dedicated work approach. 
Her outlook on life was real 
and she was not conceited in any way. 
She knew that with hard work came 
well earned results. 
Her relationship with Ethan 
was perfectly written at the right pace. 
I felt myself falling in love with 
Ethan just as Jaz did. 
Their connection was strong and their attraction deliciously hot. 
I'm so pleased with their ending!
Brawler really shined 
when it came to the characters. I
 loved and enjoyed them all 
for various reasons. 
But what characterized them all 
was that they had heart and soul. 
I was intrigued and wanted to know them and their stories. 
Jaz started out being alone but by a chance accident gained a whole family 
and I feel I did too. 

5 BadAssDirtyFucking&PunchingStars


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