Saturday, August 20, 2016

Marauder Cygnus: A Scifi Alien Shifter Romance by Aya Morningstar

From Book 1: War rages between Earth and Mars, and an alien fleet from a distant star barrels toward our solar system. I’m laying low in the asteroid belt, as far from the war as I can get, but so is one of the aliens. And I’m the first to find him.

Second to find him? Pirates. A whole lot of them. The alien kills every last one to protect me, and we barely escape before reinforcements arrive. Now my life is in the hands of this savage, purple-skinned killer.

Not all of his skin is purple though, teal. And it’s nearly as big as the rest of him. His shoulders are as wide as Valles Marineris, and he’s tall as Olympus Mons. His ego is way too big for my tiny ship, but one look from him with that insufferable grin, and my cheeks burn hotter than Venus.

He’s protected me fiercely and without question, but which side will he take when the rest of his race comes to destroy us all?

Marauder Cygnus is the first book in the Mating Wars series, but it can also be read as a standalone. Each book in this rock-hard science fiction series has a happily ever after and 

I am a fairly new reader to Aya's books, though I am reading them up 
as quickly as I can. 
I love her writing style.
I enjoyed the humor as well as banter between these characters (All of them.)
Cygnus is an Alien who can also shift into a giant purple bear. He came here to find a mate and achieve the Seraphic Form. Following in his brother, Aegus, footsteps, Cygnus left his ship and the rest of the Marauders behind. 
Cygnus' goal is to find a human to mate with and create the Seraphic form.

When Aura sees an unusual orb while scrapping for goods in space, she is very unaware this will change her life. 
As pirates descend Aura and Seth, her ship, bring in this orb, Cygnus.

With his hilarious, yet sexy-manly, Shame Debt, Cygnus wins over Aura. The back and forth between these to is wonderful! I love how grounded and self sufficient Aura is. It drives Cygnus mad that she may not need him as much as he would assume a humane female should.

This was a fantastic start to this series and I can't wait to get my hands on the next installment!!

A Must read for Shifter/SiFi lovers!!

4.5 BadAndDirtyPurple-Bear Stars!!

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