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Review Tour - Sweet Insanity by Desireé Adele

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NA Contemporary Romance/Sports Romance
Stand Alone
Designed by: Melissa Panio-Petersen
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Old hurt runs deep…

After she left, I was given a second chance at life thanks to my savior and adoptive father. A chance I refused to waste. Determined to be invincible, I became a true fighter in every sense of the word. Nothing and no one would get in my way.

Not even the guy who sat behind me in class.

Zack Graves had the entire world in his hands. A promising hockey career and the confidence and gorgeous looks that had every girl throwing themselves at his feet.

Except me. I was only too happy to wipe the sexy smirk off his face while tossing him on his smug ass.

And he kept coming back for more.

I kept my scars hidden, until Zack managed to trace the lines straight to a place I fought to keep guarded.

Zack was fighting his own immortality, his own scars becoming visible the closer we got. He challenged my guard at every turn forcing me to fight harder, only to realize he would be my undoing.

But some wounds refuse to heal.

Sweet Insanity was a lovely surprise and Desireé Adele nailed her debut. Sweet Insanity didn’t feel like a debut book whatsoever. I liked the topics in the story and how they affected the two protagonists Dahlia and Zack. Both have experienced loss in their life and that’s influenced them greatly. Especially Dahlia has had a rough upbringing but thankfully she has Christos in her life. I really enjoyed this wonderful man and the impact he and his family has had on Dahlia. She’s a survivor and warrior who doesn’t take crap from anyone. At least Zack.

Their first standoff between them was amazing and fun cause it truly showed the fierce side to Dahlia. Zack is such a good guy who’s relentless in his pursuit of Dahlia. His patience and humor are just one of the qualities I enjoyed about him. 
Their friendship and relationship takes time because of Dahlia and the fears and insecurities she struggles with but I liked that. I got to know Zack and Dahlia individually and they both have strengths and flaws. 

Sweet Insanity is all about facing your fears and lean on the people who loves and supports you. Both Zack and Dahlia learned from their mistakes and came out stronger because of that. 
I’m excited about the next book cause this debut was fabulous and Keith definitely caught my attention.

4 Facing Your Fears Stars

About the Author:

Author Desireé Adele grew up with a passion for all things literature.

Upon discovering the world of indie romance, Desireé found her tribe and started her journey as a blogger and booktuber, eventually turning her attention to her lifelong aspiration of becoming an author.

Aside from losing herself in a good book, she enjoys listening to progressive metal, working out, and cooking.

Desireé currently resides in Connecticut with her husband and young son, who serve as her biggest inspirations in her writing journey.

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