Monday, February 17, 2014

Exposing Alix by Inara Scott

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I read this book, but I was more than pleasantly surprised! I loved the family dynamic and the repartee between the characters. It really had two storylines. The two main characters Alix and Ryker and the two co-stars of the movie they were working on together.   The author really captured the mindset of a cynical playboy hypocritical male very well.  I will tell you I went through every emotion while reading this book. It was the perfect balance of every single one.  You know sometimes you never know what you’re gonna stumble upon when you’re not even looking.  
Alix Z (Daisy) grew up in the foster system yet despite her cold upbringing she never gave up on the idea of finding her prince charming and falling in love.  She caught a break and made a boatload of money creating romantic films that were merely seen as “sex movies” by the male dominant movie industry. They were really an expression of love through the act of passion but what man would see that? She left Hollywood’s bright lights, big city to settle in Oregon away from the hustle and bustle and the scrutiny of the paparazzi to work on her book. Capturing the essence of Love with photographs using her keen eye from making films Alix was hoping to find her HEA.  Until Ryker Valentine was send to her for consulting advice on his new film.

Ryker Valentine was a cocky Hollywood star turned director. He grew up in south central but ended up making it Big Time.  He was looking to win an Oscar and he needed someone to help with the on screen chemistry of his actors.  He didn’t want to bring anyone in he just wanted his Oscar so if he had to hire Alix to get one then so be it. 
These two had were polar opposites on the subject of Love.  They really didn’t even like on another but they did need each other to get to the next step in their careers.  So what they had a spark of chemistry when they met it didn’t mean anything right?  So wrong! The thing is sometimes chemistry isn’t enough. Or is it? Let me tell you that you need to one click this shit right now to find out. 
What I can say is WHEW there were some steamy scenes that will blow top of your pot!
I absolutely adored this book and give it 5BadAssDirtySnapshotStars!!!!

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