Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Promiscuous by Missy Johnson

This is book 2 in the Tease series and idk of y'all remember my reaction to Tease,  but it rocked my world.  I was ever so skeptical about this book having read the first chapter at the end of Tease.
I wasn't sure that I liked Beth. Sure she was fun in Tease but could this even hold a candle to a male POV of a call dude? folks always say "never judge a book by its cover" well my new motto is Never doubt that the Author can out do first book and Wow the shit out of you again!   Ummm let's just say with Promiscuous the candle held its flame and burned all night long baby.  This book was definitely just as scorching hot! Not to mention Coop makes a appearance.  This story has a serious component that is a focus to millions of women that goes unnoticed and unaddressed.
 It will hit home for many or pull at your empathy strings. 
That being said, it also is fun and flirty and down right drenchingly (is that even a word?) sizzling hot.  I know I mentioned it before but O.M.G. FMe it's H.O.T.
I almost thought I was gonna have to shank Missy but thank Gawd there was no Cliffy however the next installment is no doubt a continuation of the evolution or demise of Beth and Roman!
This story will touch your heart and warm you from the inside out!!!
There isn't even a question that this nabbed 5 BadAssDirtyComplicatedHotDrenchinglyWetStars!!!

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