Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Snippet #10

Something white caught Sade’s eye near the pier. Pain tore through his chest as he realized it was a body. “Fuck! No!” he gasped. Bo.

“He’s coming! What are we doing, what are we doing?”

Sade stared at the body in the water and his heart lurched at seeing something raise. He tore down the wood planks and jumped in the water.

Bo made painful bellowing sounds, holding his hand toward Sade.

“I got you, I got you,” Sade gasped.  

“Something’s in his face!” Mercy cried.

Oh fuck, oh fuck, God, no. Bo’s hand trembled, pointing to his cheek as Sade made his way closer. “H-hook,” he whispered, his voice frail and shaking.

“Oh my God, he’s coming Sade.” Mercy knelt on the pier by them. “Help him, hurry!”

“Okay, okay,” Sade whispered to Bo, grabbing his trembling hand while following the multiple lines of fish string leading from his mouth to the pier. His stomach tightened at finding it wrapped a hundred times around a huge nail beaten and embedded into the wood. Sade tried to bite his way through the thousand pound line, and Bo gasped and whimpered from his efforts.

“He’s here, he’s here,” Mercy gasped.

“Stay with him!” Sade pulled himself back onto the pier. “I’m getting something to cut him loose.”

“I’m here,” Mercy said to Bo as Sade ran to the boat house. He glanced back as she dropped down into the water with him. Good. Hide.

He reached the worn white structure under the near starless sky just as the rumble of Abraham’s car disappeared with the headlights. Sade quickly felt his way around the garage sized shack in total darkness. 

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