Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pucked by Helena Hunting

Roxy's Review
This has to be one of the best LOL books I've red in very long time!!

I absolutely fell in love with Violet and her quirky sense of humor. 
The things in that girls head, 
Violet a twenty-two year old recent college graduate who's mother recently remarried to a NHL scout and who's stepbrother is a professional hockey player. 
Buck, Violet's stepbrother is also a well known man whore. 
Bucks very public off-ice life and Violets EX
also a hockey player, has convinced her she won't be dating any more hockey players. 

Alex Waters is captain of the Chicago Hawks and teammate to Buck, a new addition on the team. Alex has a rep for being quite the man-whore as well. 

Violet and Alex "meet" during a Hawks game when he is plastered to the glass and takes notice of Violet. The sparks soon strike and Violet and Alex are very drawn to each other. 

Alex is a sweet, native Canadian, who's intentions seem more innocent than any encounter with Violet ends up being. Even though Violet is not a puck bunny by any means, her and Alex have a way of making things look really bad.

When trust is lost can it be won back and what will one do to gain it back. Will one's hearts desire win out or will it be a cold night?

This is a fantastic, funny love story. Violet is awesome, love the many names she has for Alex's manhood...

4.5 BadAssDirtySnuffieStars


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